Monkey waiters and axolotls: the disconcerting art of Pierre Huyghe

Truth and fiction, past and present blur in the French artist’s fascinating new show, which includes a monkey masked as a Japanese child, lilies stolen from Monet’s garden and a stone sculpture that’s warm to the touch

This beautifully paced 19-minute film is but one of several fascinating and disconcerting new works that make up the exhibition In. Border. Deep. This is the first UK show since the French artist’s 2006 Tate Modern retrospective, yet it feels somehow overdue.

I'm a white guy and I've come up with a pretty good solution to the whole signing along to rap problem. I just replace every instance of singing along with listening to the person who made the fucking album.



Seriously, how fucking narcissistic do you have to be to make listening to music somehow about yourself.


If you are interested in having discussions about race and representation in fantasy media, analyzing and questioning our ideas about what “historical accuracy” means, and criticizing the way we use concepts about Medieval Europe to exclude people of color from enjoying historical play, in

I used to peel and fry onions inside a mind-bendingly hot booth at Northern CA Renaissance Faire. While I have had few bosses as cool to work for/with as Mistress Marta, the gig wasn’t all roses and bunnies. 

The nature of sexual harassment from Faire-goers ran the gamut. Yuppies in penis masks trying to put money in your bodice at the register. Random shitbags in oversized Catholic school girl skirts meant to look like kilts thinking it’s funny to “give the wench a slap ‘n’ tickle” on breaks. Assholes in Star Trek gear meant to be from the future telling you that they found our stigma against sexuality to be fascinating and regressive in creepy ways. I could go on, and that’s just one Renaissance Faire.

My point here is that authenticity never seemed to be on anyone’s mind until the discussion of being inclusive of POC became wide spread. Then, suddenly, oh yeah, it’s all about being “authentic” which means “white,” but race isn’t the point, just “realism.” 

Nevermind those changeling-cyberpunk crossover games you all you used to play in the 90s.